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Frog Street is an early childhood educational publishing company, helping to guide the next generation of children to success through research-based curriculum, digital resources and professional development.

Frog Street provides a comprehensive continuum of research-based curriculum serving children from birth to age 5. This curriculum, both in English and Spanish, serves the unique needs of Child Care programs. The curriculum supports key learning domains and is aligned to state and national learning standards. Conscious Discipline®(social-emotional development) is integrated into the curriculum each day.

3 Year Old Curriculum Goals Includes:

Self-Care & Personal Responsibility

Able to wash hands on his/her own. Indicates need to go to the bathroom and needs decreasing assistance. Is able to drink from a cup and feed self with fork or spoon. Choose from several activity options. Demonstrates respect and care for classroom materials. Participates in clean up with decreasing guidance. Participates in group activities. Follows classroom routines

Social Emotional Development

Demonstrates ability to separate from parents. Adjusts to new situations. Begins to recognize and label own feelings. Connects with teachers as a trusted adult. Engages in simple interactions with peers. Learns early social skills such as sharing, and taking turns. Engages in imaginative play

Fine Motor

Manipulates objects with increasing control. Begins to attempt cutting with scissors. Makes several basic strokes with a marker

Gross Motor

Demonstrates basic large motor skills (running, jumping, hopping)Walks up and down stairs. Begins to balance. Able to ride a tricycle. Begins to throw and catch balls

Cognitive Development

Observes and examines objects. Begins to show problem solving skills. Recognizes & names basic colors and 3 or more shapes. Begins to understand position words. Sorts objects by color, shape or size. Recognizes own name in print. Rote counts to 10 and begins to count objects

Language Skills

Uses words to express needs. Speech is understandable to most. Communicates in sentences. Answers questions with more than yes or no. Listens to stories. Participates in songs and movement activities. Understands and follows simple directions

4/5-Year Old Curriculum Goals

Social Emotional Development

Demonstrates ability to adjust to new situations.  Engages in social  interaction/play with others.  Engages in imaginative play and inventive thinking. Participates in group time 5-10 minutes.  Demonstrates  understanding of rules and social expectations. Engages in social problem solving and learns to resolve conflict. Seeks adult assistance when needed. Follows classroom routines. Identifies and labels feelings in self and others.

Language Skills.

Speech is understandable by strangers.  Communicates in full sentences.

Answers questions with a complete thought (more than yes or no)Understands and follows verbal directions of  2 or more steps.

Recognizes that print carries meaning.  Recognizes and attempts to write own name.  Recognizes many alphabet letters and sounds.

Retells general ideas of stories when asked.  Recognizes and names opposites and rhyming words. Participates in song and movement activities.

Self-Care & Personal

Responsibility.  Demonstrates respect and care for classroom materials.

Participates in clean up.  Accepts responsibility when asked.  Takes care of own bathroom and hand washing needs.  Keeps track of personal belongings at school.

Cognitive Development.

Observes and examines objects to gather information. Demonstrates problem solving skills.  Points to and names colors. Demonstrates position words. Demonstrates knowledge of patterns.  Recognizes and names shapes. Recognizes written numbers 1-10Counts objects using one to one correspondence. Puts objects in size order.  Continues to work on a task even when experiencing difficulties. Sorts objects by color, size or shape.Begins to understand simple measurement.

Fine Motor

Cuts drawn shape w/out assistance. Holds pencil with ease. Begins to make recognizable shapes, letters and representational drawings.

Grasps and manipulates small items.

Exhibits eye hand coordination.

Gross Motor

Demonstrates basic large motor skills (running, jumping hopping, galloping, riding trike).  Demonstrates balancing skills.  Throws and catches medium size ball.

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